Material testing solutions

Intelligent software solutions, powered by a real understanding of users’ goals.

  • Industrial machine technology: machine automation, CAN communication and industrial testing applications
  • Development of usable software: software development (web  and desktop), object-oriented development, requirements engineering, conceptual and database modeling, user research and usability testing

Our main product is an industrial materials testing application in the Qt development framework.

In software projects, we keenly seek to understand what our clients need. We often create applications that seem relatively simple on the outside, although there is a lot of detail under the hood. Visible is only what the human being working on the device really needs to get their work done. This way, the client can do their work efficiently and effortlessly. When the client is listened to from the start, also expenses are saved. Unlike what is common in the industry, there is no need to redesign and reimplement the product right after it has gotten finished.


We offer software development and holistic redesign of your service or software application. Contact us so we can get started!

– Olli Savolainen, CEO

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