I finally got sick and tired of all my windows laptops breaking physically one way or another. First there was ThinkPad Edge, then there was the ultrathin Sony Vaio (bought just before Sony sold the business and discontinued the thing). Even hardcore developers, Linus Torvalds included, online seemed to agree that MacBooks are the bestRead more »

Robert Martin spoke charismatically about test driven development in RailsConf in 2009. He promotes the idea of having automated tests (unit tests) and running them all the time to prevent your code from becoming an enormous, unholy mess. When you have tests, you are not afraid of making changes. (In fact, you are effectively improvingRead more »

At Fluxitek, I am involved not only in the design of the overall user experience, but also in implementation. The temptation to skip #usability work is sometimes great for our team, and I too have to keep convincing myself why usability work is absolutely crucial to product success. Trying to find a succint enough wayRead more »

For unit testing, I needed to read ForceProof project database into an in-memory SQLite database, from a .sql text file. Turns out, Sqlite (at least in Qt) is unable to execute multiple statements in one string. As our SQL is not one statement per line, the SQL in the text file has to be splitRead more »